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Finally got a Limit

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Me and my dad went out this morning and got 9. I had 5 by 7:40 but took awhile to get the last. I had to let my dad catch up a little:lol:. First limit in 2 years of fishing the river, felt good. 30-33 fow and hammer copper blades.
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Nice catch Justin. Yes sometimes those last couple are tough to put in the box. We all are not as gifted as nitemoves with his 12 fish in 30min.;)
Congratulations Justin. Feels good to turn a page.
Seems like when we put the first fish in the boat we concentrate harder and we try to fish fast, like hurrying to get the bait back down and then if we dont get one in a minute or two we swing the boat back up stream to go over the same hole we caught that fish in. More times than not the last fish does take awhile.

Congrats on boat your limit,

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