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Filling the reel!!!

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I noticed a thread about loading braided line. I purchased two dipsey rods from a buddy. Funny thing was, he purchased a 26' boat, electric downriggers, top of the line rod and reel combos, all the goodies, and he used everything, like twice. Yup, even the boat. Anyway, because he had the rod / reel combos in cold storage, I stripped off the line. I am now getting ready to "reload" and am curious on a good method. I always just sat in the ol living room with the spool on the ground, and held the line to the rod as I reeled it in. Also, only used to own spinning reels, never did trolling reels. I see quite a few set-ups that help, but never paid much heed to them. I know it would be better to go that route, or to have a tackle shop load them.

Any good techniques out there or is the tackle shop the best method?
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Boy, I would have never thought about the bucket of water idea. Ok, so let me get this straight. You put the line in a bucket and fill it until it is just about ready to float. You then reel in the amount of line you want. The water restricts the line to give you the needed tension required while filling your spool.

Seriously, I have to tell my dad about this one. He was my mentor (as most of ours were) while I was wet behind the ears.
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