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I didn't make it out much last month as I have been busy with the arrival of my daughter and trying to keep the driveway clear of snow. We have had a very snowy February with nearly 90 inches falling on top of a good snow pack from January. I am now standing above the drifter when I shovel the snow off of it! This will likely make for a late spring and it may be one of those years that we can fish steelhead on the superior tribs in the morning and dries for residents on Lake Michigan tribs in the afternoon. It doesn't happen often, but sure makes for a interesting day of fishing.The rivers are locked up for the most part and hiking the banks when you can't wade requires snowshoes except for the most popular spots. I made a couple shorts trip without much success, but I did have one good day where the resident trout were feeding midday. Rainbow warriors, frenchies and mop flies produced a few fish in the short bite window that we had.I managed to catch a brown, brookie and a nice rainbow. The majority of my bites came from deeper pools, but the brookie was in a foot of water right before a overhang.The brook was good sized and I probably should of taken a pic of that one. The shop inventory is growing in anticipation of spring and the guide boxes and filling up so give us a call if you are in need of some new gear or a guide when the weather breaks.

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