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Favorite diver combo's

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First post I have made. What are your your favorite diver, leadcore, and dropweight combos?
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Wire pulling a dispey with a white 8" Fishcatcher with a white Tinsel fly or Green 8" Fishcatcher with a Green Tinsel Fly.
Divers I change daily. Anything and Everything.

Core I mostly fish spoons and j-plugs.

Weights I usually fish a white dodger and some sort of white or glo or kermit squid.
I don't really think dipsey color matters, but I still bought green, glow, or silver ones since I run green or white most often. I personally own both sizes of dipsey, the big ones and the smaller ones. If the fish are in 30 feet of water or less I go with the little ones since they get my lures away from the boat. If you're running the big ones down 20 feet you can actually sit and watch the thing from the boat. Once we saw a small coho chasing the fly around which was cool, but usually it just means no hits.

My rule of thumb is that I try to match the fishcatcher or spindoctor color to the color of the fly. White attractors for white or bloody nose flies, Green or yellow for green flies, etc.

I almost always start with a green and white fly in the water. I tie a lot of my own but they're similar to seaweed, dark seaweed, bloody nose, names that most people are firmiliar with.

For a few weeks last summer my blue dolphin flies were killing the fish. On a weekday morning I was fishing in the same area as a few charter boats and we were the only ones catching fish. They were asking me on the radio what I was using. I've probably told that story before, I'm kind of pround since we were using my own special recipe blue dolphin and dolphin puke flies. Those use blue, silver, and green metallic flash for the blue dolphin and blue, green, and gold for the dolphin puke.

For the most part I start the day fishing a white and a green of some sort and run a decent combination of colors across the boat. When you start getting hits or hearing on the radio which colors are working narrow it down. 80% of the time you'll end up running the same 4 or 5 spoons and the same 3 or 4 flies because they produce. For spoons for me it was Blue Dolphin, Lemon Ice or Yellow Fins, Monkey Puke, Watermelon, and a simple green/silver spoon. For flies it was was white, seaweed, bloody nose, and blue dolphin. I ended up with those on the rods at the end of the day almost every trip from June to the end of the year.
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Wire Divers 8 inch green hootchies/crushed ice glow tape, glitter green Howie Fly

Wire divers 8 inch Les Davis Pear scale dodger with green glow Richey Michigan squid

Leadcore Green glow Yeck spoon
I'll ditto the diver fish catcher combos and I'll add an orange diver dragging a fireball spoon(orange ladder back over orange background). This is great on steelhead but it also takes a lot of salmon when they are higher in the water column.
It's hard to pick a favorite alot depends on the bite of the day. When were fishing the offshore temp breaks for steelhead I like orange spoons behind the divers(I still believe color makes a difference in divers and this is the only time/place I use red divers). Leadcore usually I run 8"Fishcatchers keep them out of my way. Now drop weights if I could only run one combo it would have to be eithor a chrome or chrome/prism dodger and green/glo squid. This has always been a producer when fish are deep and when onefew times when riggers are slow.
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I agree with mrymar with the dispeys, change often. But my rule of thumb Was to start off with a dipsey with a green glow fish catcher, with a green glow squid on one side, and a white glow fish catcher with a modified aqua gold fly on the other side. most of the time, one or the other would score a fish. THen i would change accordingly as to weither one of them, both of them, or none of them were working. I also caught some fish on a white glow fishcatcher with a black glow squid off the core. In 2002, the black glow squid was one of my best rigs, for some reason i didnt run it too much this year, but when i did it caught fish.
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