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My son will start hunting this year (10 yrs old). I have a few hunting buddies but they are either single/no kids, etc.

We are wondering if any new "teams" are looking for others like them to go out together. I have been hunting for 28 years, have all the quipment (no BIG water boat at the moment though), a beagle and young lab (not ready this year), know where to go/what to do, etc so not looking for spot poaching or instruction. Just a father & son(s) (my daughters still have a few years to go) who would like some company.

It is fun to just go out together (F/S) but it's also fun to have buddies your own age. None of my sons friends hunt (we live in Beverly Hills so there is not too many outdoors people around). Nor have I been activly involved in any hunting/fishing groups since my kids have been born so its hard to meet people with like interests.

We can go most Saturday afternoons, some Sat mornings, anytime Sunday, Holidays and I am open to a few sick days. I am willing to "train" if you (dad) are new to the sport with your son. (But be forewarned I am a safety nut) Any kind of hunting is fine but I am not an expert in big game.

Respond here or PM me if interested.

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