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Wrong forum, I apologize. The site navigation threw me. But I'm unable to figure out how to delete it, and re-posted it in the Lake St. Clair forum.

Looks like we have some reasonably nice days with moderate (about 10mph) east winds coming, which would make the W side of the lake brutal. So it looks like Fair Haven would be the best option to launch my rowboat, but I've never fished there and am clueless as to what to expect.

My usual default option for unfamiliar water this time of year would be to check the charts for structure (that point to the west looks good), work depths in the 6 to 10ft range (if the water even is that depth anywhere near the site), which would probably be row trolling while watching the sonar to find the fish, then casting when on 'em.

Any tips from those who are more familiar with that area of the lake for action near the launch site (i.e., within rowing distance for a 14ft aluminum boat)? I'd be after pike, bass, or walleyes. Any intel would be appreciated.
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