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Fair Haven 2-24

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Didnt get set up and find yesterday's hole till 3:30 and things were slow till about 5......then it was nonstop fish but only kept 12 of the 35 I got. The water was much dirtier than yesteray, but you could still see bottom fine in 7 ft of water. The big ones still did'nt wanna eat. I got one to take a jig and lost him at the hole (I'm ready to start bringing out a landing net cause I lose so many big ones at the hole) there were less of the 8-9 inchers than yesterday too). Guys are still driving their pickups out a mile (bigger n*** than mine) For about 15 minutes the big ones where about 2 ft below the bottom of the ice and hitting anything I threw into the water....but usually missing it. I'm starting to think these big ones go blind as they get older....maybe they're ready to die of old age.....kinda like me with the damn glasses I need to find the right place to hook a minnow.....
I did'nt hear from anyone as to how the morning bite went.....but I'm gonna stay there till the weekend whenever I don't get called into work. Less hot rodding quads etc today then yesterday...but the weekend will be a zoo....
Be careful and watch out for big holes from the shantys!!!! Yesterdays snow caught the open water on them and built up little snowpiles over the top of them. If theres not a big "ice cube" next to them you will never see them and will fall thru....I could'nt even find yesterdays hole till I turned on the GPS and it was totally hidden by a little snow hill!!! And the ice was only 1 " thick....
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Could someone please tell me where Fair Haven is? I'm very unfamiliar with LSC. Thanks.
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