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Experience with dog Seizures?

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Just wondering if any of the dog owners on this site have experience dealing with dog seizures. We have a non-sporting breed with seizure problems and we don't know what to do. Any one find success with diet changes? I am searching for all possible suggestions or experiences.
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I'd do a search, this topic has been covered quite a bit.

I have a beagle that has seizures. First of all, I would consult your vet first. My vet put mine on phenobarbitol. That helped a lot. At first it made her very tired all the time, but as her body adjusted to it she returned to her old self. It also took some time to get the dose figured out. My dog was having a seizure or two every month, now she has one every 3-6 months. They are also a lot more mild now. I also have been giving her Pet Tab
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Rabbit Whacker, our dog has been on Phenobarb for about 8 months. The first seizure she ever had was so bad, we had to resuscitate her. After the phenobarb began, the seizures became less frequent. We gradually lowered the dosage so her personality and energy would return. Her latest seizures occured in a group, and they were pretty severe again.
The entire ordeal is very difficult. I appreciate your suggestions. I will try the Pet Tabs as a part of my new strategy.
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I just did a search as you suggested...Tons of info.

Thank you
I had a Beagle that had seizures. The vet wanted to put him on pills; I said no. He would only have a seizure when he got excited.
A lot of the time when he was running a rabbit. if this happen I would take my coat off lay him on it hold his head and take his paw; I more or less held him so he wouldn't get up for a while.
He would come out of it a little shaky but ready to go hunting again. Live to be 14 years old. RB1
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My eight year old setter had her first ever seizure Saturday. After talking to a breeder I believe she had a low blood suger seizure so from now on I will add Caro surp to the water bottle I always carry for the dogsand not run her as long. Scared me.
I just found this article on one of the V sites that may be of interest:


My lab has had seizures his entire life, normally it is right after he wakes up or is startled. They last about 2 minutes, first thing we did is take him to the vet.(who is a family friend) He is never unconcious for them, normally i will just sit with him and wait it out. He only has about 10 a year, and the vet said if they get more frequent they will put him on meds...... until then though he said not to worry.
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quest32a; They seem no know when you are sitting there holding
their paw. RB1
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