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Brother has to go to Evart for a job. Anyone know wht hotels, bars etc are there? He will be by Lake Miramichi. Thanks.
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jeffery.......Evart is a very small town there is a motel down town and one on the west side of town there is a bar down town there is a lounge west of the blinker light and about 1 1/2 mile out there is another bar called shadows thats a good place to go.....there is a mcdonalds in town and a couple resturants any thing else and you have to go west to reed city or north to cadilac i am not sure how close that lake is but i will look it up on the map and see what further help i can be.....hope this helps so far Carl
Thanks for the info-Jeff
jeff.......i did some more checking for you and found out they have a brand new super 8 motel next door to a fosters grocery store,they also have 14 places to eat including bars of course.....hope this helps...
Elk Guide- Thanks for the info once again. Couldn't find anything online about Evart.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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