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You really can't go wrong with spinner baits. A gold blade with black body seems to be my go to spinner for browns but sometimes silver or copper blades are the ticket.

The small size floating rapalas are really good too. Cast them and if you're starting to get down into the snags just stop retrieving and they will float back up.

When I'm tossing gear for trout I will use a heavier mainline than I need, like 10 lbs. I don't think they have time to be line shy when they have to chose to hit a spinner swimming by their hidey hole. That bigger line gives me a chance at getting my spinner back if I cast it into some snags. I can usually straighten out the dinky treble hook so I get the thing back.

Lastly, I like to take some small hooks, spit shot, and 4lb fluorocarbon with me. If you come up to a sharp bend with some dark water, side drifting live bait on the bottom can be the ticket to reaching those fish that are sitting 8-12 ft deep when you can only get down 4 ft with your lure.
rs1983 what size mepps. thanks
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