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European mounts

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Got mine and my son's mounts back today. I think they look preaty cool. The guy that did them did a very nice job.

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BoltAction....nice looking mounts!!

Are those deer from this year?

They look nice. How much did it cost you and how long did it take?
Those look nice.
Did a taxidermist do them?
Is that a clear finish on the skull?
Thanks guys. Yes these are this years deer. A taxidermist did them for me and he did put a clear coat on them. I was going to get a real nice oak plaque with oak shaped leaves, ($60.00), on it but the company the taxidermist orders from didn't carry them anymore so I got these plane ones which were only $20.00. For the two plaques and the finishing of the two mounts was $80.00. I gave them to the taxidermist on Nov. 21 and I got them back today, 32 days.
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