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Esox needs a Meeat-n-Geet.

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If We don't get together with Esox soon He's going into a depresion until Muski starts again. How about next Wendsday at Marrinelli's anytime after 4:00pm
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UH- OK!!! :D :D
Is that Wednesday, February 11th. you're talking about?
Yes next Wend. is Feb. 11th.
Haven't made one for a while. Think I can do this one.:D :D
Originally posted by Jimbos
How about one on a Tueday sometime?:) :)
We have done them on Tuesdays....I am sure we can do it again as well.

Thanks Dann0- I was thinking about proposing the idea myself as I was driving home today...

I am in for the 11th albeit on an alcohol free basis as I have an evening committment that won't mix well with distilled spirits!:eek: :eek: :eek: :confused: :eek: I will be there around 1600.
Originally posted by Shoes
Haven't made one for a while. Think I can do this one.:D :D
Wow a special cameo appearance!!!!

I thought maybe retired life was making it difficult for you to get up early enough to make it??

I will save you a seat.:D
I'll be in Florida:(

Wait!!!....I'll be in Florida:D

I'll try to make it. I should be good for a beer or 10 ;)
I hope to be on Whitmore Lake takin' some gills by 4pm. Have fun, and no need to drink one for me cuz I'll be takin' care of that myself......unless of course you need a good reason to have another!

Be Safe!
I'll be there
Oh wait, that will be another 3 1/2 hour drive. Guess I will have to miss this one:(
Hopefully if I don't have to work OT and nothing lands on me out of the sky, will try to be there 6-6:30. It's been a while!;)
Sorry for being a no-show. Something came up that, coupled with the long drive to Marinelli's, made it impossible for me to attend. Hope those who made it had the usual good time. :(
We had a 7 man MNG. NEM, Mags, Danno9, Dead Bird, Deadbirds buddy (sorry, I forgot your name) and myself... We did get some future outing plans cooked up. More to follow.
i had to meet grouse hunter at bass pro shops. hope i can make the next one.:)
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