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Eskimo Select 2 man shanty for sale

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This is a rubberized canvas Eskimo Select shanty. This thing is like brand new. Its pop up style with 4 bars , 2 on the ceiling and two on the walls. It has 2 more wind supports if necessary, but I havent needed them yet. Its very stable. Its in excellent shape no holes and no rust on the poles, some normal scratching on the plastic bottom. The green canvas top can be taken off to be washed . It has 2 windows and 2 closeable vents on the other 2 walls and a vinyl sleeve on the outside to put your name and address in. This has been my luckiest shanty yet with 2 trout, countless bluegills and some nice perch this year, but I need a digital camera bad.
Im asking 165.00
I will donate 15 dollars to the site if sold here.
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