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Headed out 7 to 8 miles S.W. of the harbor, marked a lot of fish in the 30 to 45 fow (should have stayed there).
Fished the 60 to 70 fow. Ended up with 2 steelies and a walleye. Lost 2 others. One of the fish we lost, hit hard, broke the line then jumped in the air twice to show us the spoon he just stole. Guess it was trying to rub our noses in it.
All on riggers 29' to 35" down.
Dipsey's and long lining, Zilch.
1 steelie and the walleye hit a black / orange ladder back spoon.
The other steelie was on a monkey puke.
Threw a lot of chartruese and chrome at them, no takers.
Purple and black, also blue berry muffin, seemed to be the colors that were successful, according to the reports on the radio.
Boat chatter was slow, lots of empty boxes, heard 1 guy close to limiting out.
The 2' or less waves, were hitting 4 footers occasional, waves didn't start settling down til noon.
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