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Endangered young wolf hops fence

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Endangered young wolf hops fence, escapes zoo

BATTLE CREEK -- An endangered Mexican gray wolf remained on the loose Tuesday after escaping from Binder Park Zoo.

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Wolf's escape act of rebellion
Teenager may be ready to come home

From the time he was a little pup, Apache was a rebel.

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Channel 11 Fox TV Grand Rapids 10PM news, 03/08/04

I just heard the TV news report that Apache (the grey wolf that escaped from the Binder Park Zoo) has been found dead. It appears that Apache was hit and killed by a train near the community of Vicksburg. There will be more news coming in the press reports. :mad:
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Escaped Binder wolf found dead
Animal apparently hit by train

The two-month search for an escaped Mexican gray wolf ended Monday when the animal was found dead in Vicksburg. Apache, the 19-month-old wolf, apparently was hit by a train in the town, about 20 miles southwest of the zoo. Greg Geise, Binder Park Zoo's president and chief executive officer, said the wolf probably died about three days ago.

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Sad story. Not to start raising any arguments but there would have been some people from this site that would have wanted that wolf shot anyway. Who cares if it's endangered. Get rid of the wolves they say. Just another tragic lose in our delicate ecosystem.:(
A loss to Binder Parks' ecosystem maybe.

Mexican grey wolf, indigenous (sp?) species to Southern Michigan?
No of course not. But you know these parks do tend to help re-establish or at least keep the species going by bringing male and females together to breed. Now there is one less. It sure doesn't help keep their species going does it?
Yes they too are part of the eco system even if they are captured at this point.

I've got to be honest with you I am addicted to this website and the outdoors, I hunt turky, deer, ducks, pheasant, grouse, and rabbits. I fly fish every weekend I'm not hunting. But I really am sick and tired of people on this website who just don't give two cents for animals that are endangered if they condider them pests! They serve a purpose! All living things do. Even if it's as minute as putting carbon back into the earth so be it. It is irrisponsible to assume that this kind of thinking is O.K. It just pisses me off when so many who argue for their death love to hunt and fish and should understand their importance in the environment.:mad:
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I didn't agrue for the death of the animal and I understand where you are coming from on that. The train hitting it probably did it a favor, as is existance would've been difficult at best. The real people that did this animal injustice was the Binder Park people, as they should've prevented it's escape.

I don't hold it a "quality existance" when a wild species is caged. If that were my only choice to live, I wouldn't want to.
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Well my dad lives between Binder Park Zoo and Vicksburg. He called me up about a month ago on a Sunday morning and said that that wold from BPZ is out here chasing deer. He lives on a farm and has seen coyotes before and knew this was big enough to be a wolf. He even preserved some 3-3 1/2 inch paw prints from it. He called the zoo and even the president that morning and left a message. They never called back until the next day and didn't believe that it was that far from the zoo. They said it was probably a coyote. They said that they would check the place out after a couple other sites, well they never showed. They kept saying that the wolf was within 5-10 miles of the zoo. I see that they had no clue where this wolf was. Their expert wolf trackers were very little experts after all. That sickened my dad to hear that the wolf died beyond his property and that BPZ just blew him off.
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