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Elizabeth Park Launch

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Opens Monday March 19th.

Just an FYI for those who didn’t know.

Thank You and Have a Great Day.

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mouth of the Huron, across from the banana ****, next to the park
Yep. about 3 mile boat ride from the DNR launch to LEMP.
LEMP is RIDICULOUS without a season pass. But that's probably a business decision... make lots of money in the spring, and still get a decent chunk from locals with the seasonal passes.
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Glad I don't have to pay those ridiculous prices. Just picked up my $25 non-resident riverview pass Monday. :evilsmile
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that's a nice spot for a launch :)
Ya, until it gets choked with floating weeds, fish fly carcasses, rotting fish and sticks with any sort wind with E component. There have been times when I had several inches of this junk between hull and trailer bunks... DISGUSTING
Interesting... How did you get a NON-resident for $25 when the price is $100 and how did you just pick it up when they sold out January 8?

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Had to use a special button to see this, as I expected someone would TRY to call me out ;)

Read em and weep. I live in and pay taxes to Brownstown Twp.

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Brownstown residents are eligible for this?
Depends. I know a few in my neighborhood that are. Its an employer thing.
Just curious that's all. I recently established residency in Brownstown, I just always figured it was for Riverview residents only. I'm still trying to figure out what the actual twp boundaries are. Comcast says I live in Trenton, Verizon thinks I live in Woodhaven, I'm sure some place else thinks I live in Flat Rock.
The struggle is real lol. My zip is 48134 in brownstown. But... 48134 is considered a flat rock zip.

I've seen maps for the township lines... maybe on google maps? Go to google maps and type in "brownstown township, MI". you should see 3 parts of brownstown, kind of chopped up. I do not know the history. I am a transplant from Bay City.
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Not “calling you out” just simply asking a question since this is a forum and all.

Glad that worked out for you, not sure what I’m suppose to weep about. I live 11 miles away from the Riverview launch and 3 miles from LEMP so I’d never pay $100 to launch at Riverview

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C'mon yeah you were... Just in a passive aggressive way. At least that's how it comes off to me and probably some others. Hence having to use a special button to view your posts.

I'd pay $100 to launch at riverview for sure! Zero waiting in line, even when the lines are 2 hours long elsewhere.
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My Zip is 48183, same as Trenton but I'm closer to Woodhaven. Go figure??
I figured its all about the local post office but I could be way off.
The Metro Park stickers, and boat ramps stickers are good at ALL of the 13 parks in the Metro Park system. They are NOT a LEMP only fee.
good luck launching at oakwoods.

Besides, a lot of folks are just doing it for the boat launch on the DR, not to use the other park's bike paths.
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