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Hello all I was out and about today and I stopped by Ed Millers place to shoot the **** and we where talking and I seen that he had some custom painted clown Rapalas he had and I told him these go like hot cakes on the internet and I told him let me have one and see if I can sell a few for ya..

He is looking to get $7.00 per Rapala in size 9-11-13
He also has pencil plugs painted the same way I think he would like to get $3.00 per pencil plug he was kind of up in the air on those because I wanted to see what kind of responce we would get off the Rapalas first..

He has a couple of these in his store marked a little cheaper but I told him there worth $7.00 all day long.. He is a good old guy and I figured I would like to do this for him because he does not know anything about the internet and if I could throw some business his way so be it..

If you put the order in you may have to give him a little time to get them painted because he is 89 years old.. Ok guys and gals if you place your order you will have to pick them up from my house or send me money to ship them to you.. I figure it's better than paying $9.00 Angler rod and reel wants for his custom painted clown Rapalas.. Cya Slick - See More Here: http://www.michigan-sportsman.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=6509
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