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Got the opportunity to take my 5 year old Twin girls out on the bay for the first time today. Hit the east side out in the slot. Ran crawlers. By no means filled the boat and wasn’t event that great of action, but it now is the best trip of my life. Only put 6 fish in the boat, but sharing the experience with them getting their first walleye and the excitement in their voice was a day to remember. HUGE SHOUT OUT to the guys at Alexander's Bait & Tackle for letting them each pick out a harness for free. That made their day. They were so proud when that color produced a fish. Also huge Thanks to Ralph for pointing us in the direction. Realizing now I have become a permanent net man and never happier. View attachment 766386 View attachment 766387 View attachment 766388

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Good stuff!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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