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Early Christmas present...

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TC and I hooked up to fish "my" river:eek: this morning. We were hoping the "honey do" time would keep people off the river and allow for a peaceful day of fishing. For the most part this proved to be the case. The stretch we were fishing saw no traffic other then us for the day and it was nice to not have to look over your shoulder for a change. The fish have definetly turned into winter mode to the 10th power! Out of 8 fish, only 2 proved to be hard hitters, with 2 being typical winter bites and 4 being taken by literally still fishing a bag on the bottom. Not the most fun way to get into them, but effective non the less. There were definetly quite a few more fish around then saw our net, but they were in one of the strangest moods I have ever witnessed and it was all we could do to get our 8.

On a brighter note, up to fish number 4 they had all been hens. Well, on netting number 4 for TC, I noticed it was a spawned out hen. Well, of course TC gives me a strange look like I'm full of ???, but he quickly took it a little more serious when it started spitting eggs! Luckily I have my merit badge in spawn collecting and in under a second the eggs were falling nicely into a 2 gallon zip loc:D Of course after that all fish landed were males and so we never were able to check for more eggs, but in looking back at the earlier pictures, I do see one nice hen of mine that I would guess with 100% certainty would have started spitting if given the right motivation;) Oh well, I have plenty and getting a December batch might spoil me.

Steve with his prize:D

After that fact this one looks suspicious. Who would have thought to check in December though.

I think this one might have provided an early present also.

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Steve's new girlfriend.

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