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Worked on "the hole" on Saturday in anticipation of hunting on Sunday.

Been fussin over this spot since before christmas trying to keep the water open, working 2-3 times a week getting real good at workig the ice and finally it happened... I took a dunkin' !

working on the ice spudding huge chunks and then using our body weight to break it free. Well, I finally slipped and tried to catch myself with my free hand only to have that slide out from me and in I went.

certainly not "life threatening" as the water is only 3 ft. deep but I tell ya, I got a fast appreciation for how quickly your number could be up if I was farther out on the ice! it took my breath away and all my mobility!

quickly tried to strip out of my gear, but my fingers wouldn't work -In less than a minute for me to get back up, wade to shore... I couldn't even unsnap those big buckles on my own waders to get out of them.
my buddy had to help me. threw my stuff off on the shore line and put on a coat at the truck parked 40 yds away. in less than 5 minutes, to walk back (hey, still had work to do!) my sweater and mittens were "solid" chunks - like a store display!

No real point other than to say "be careful" to all those hard water fisherman out there (Just Ducky) and don't go out by yourself.
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