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Heading for Drummond with the wife in a couple weeks, anyone give me some info on the fishing?
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I caught some nice smallmouths in Maxton Bay along the rocks toward the north side. Lots of pike were being caught also in that bay right off the boat house. A few walleyes were also biting. I did this out of a canoe in the bay about 3 weeks ago. good luck
the atlantics are moving out of the area and the mayflies are just starting to hatch. should be a few weeks and the herring will be in. try scotts bay for walleys. i heard of a few being caught. the lake trout and some kings are being caught by the light house. good luck
I love Drummond and have had good luck in both scotts bay and Pontgassing (sp) bayfor walleye,pike and perch at different times of the year. However it has been my experience that when the fishflies hit followed by the herring everything but the herring shut down for awhile. There is a bait shop in Detour that has a website, can't remeber the name google it, they can give you some good reports.
A couple of weeks could put you smack dab in the middle of the herring frenzy. It usually peaks right around the 4th of july but you can definitely hit it earlier.
Sell said:
Heading for Drummond with the wife in a couple weeks, anyone give me some info on the fishing?
Staying on Scotts Bay and the resort owner called and said the hatch is in full swing. Hopefully it will be over well in advance of our stay. Looking to get into some Smallies and Walleye. Thanx for the info guys.

I go up to Drummond every year around the last week of July for a family vacation. We usually target walleye for the week that we are up there. The gentleman at Johnson's Sports Shop on the Island always says that the walleye are biting on Scott's bay, but I can never seem to find a good spot out there. Although the fishing is somewhat slow, we tend to pick up anywhere from 1 to 5 fish each evening, per boat fishing along Peck and Rutland Island. We fish around 12 foot of water and make an "L" shape while trolling along these two islands. This has been our best spot. We will also go out west of Peck and drift toward Peck if the wind picks up and we can get a good drift going. This can be killer if the waves really pick up and a storm is brewing.... but obviously use care! Good luck and make sure you let us know how your luck was. I'm getting excited about going up this year. I'm ready for the week away from work.
Rick is the guys name at Johnson's Sportshop. We had luck last year putting in at Fort Drummond Marina when we fished for perch and herring. We mostly fished for herring in Third Bay.
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