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Drawing Results Are IN!!!

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Check em boys!


I got my first choice for the first time in 5 years!!!! WOOT!

I cannot wait till APRIL!!!
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well ack, firefighter..i hope to contribute this year (unlike last).....i got my second choice..which means ill be waiting longer to hunt..however, if i kill the type of birds we've put my girlfriend on the last two years during this hunt...well.....ill be very happy indeed.
Dude..sorry to hear of it man...but if he's feeling up to it...put him in a blind...if he's feeling ok, it might be a welcome break..and dude..he's not gone yet bro...people have gotttn good at kickin cancers ass!

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My buddy and I drew 24 thru 1st area k. But last week he was diagnosed with cancer. Starts kemo monday aint looking good ,hate to loose him hes a good friend and hunting buddy. We both tagged out last year on the first and second day, of the first season.
I'm glad u did this too....I don't hear about my 04 choke as much anymore. Lol
That was the greatest miss I have ever witnessed. I still chuckle when I remember that hunt. One if the most exciting I've ever been a part of, and one of the biggest CHOKES in history!;)
not so much a choke as a miss on a tough shot with no lie 20 birds in front of me and one tom behind me. lol. i knew that swing shot with that many eyes was nothing but a prayer. lol. and i got straight up screwed by a couple guys once too....but ack...04 was the choke to go down in history for me..so..im glad it happened to someone else, cause now im the second story out of jasons mouth..not the first. lol.
Hey Adam....let's hear about last year's choke?! :mischeif: :lol:
sure was! lol. good thing thats over :lol: :dizzy:

on a side note...in 7 years of turkey draws.....this is the first time ive ever gotten my SECOND choice..i either get my first...or not get drawn at all. weird.
What a rookie! :lol:
i guess thats the point of second choices...but its never worked for me. lol.
its ok though, with firefighter getting his draw ill still be out calling pretty early (which is as fun as shooting imho) and the girlfriend has my same season, so its almost like being able two kill to birds!

and add in my possible tribal permits....:hide: :evilsmile

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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