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Let me tell you about the great choke of ought-four. T'was Adam and I's first year chasing the infamous "Tom". Set up on a hot gobbling beast before light on a hilly powerline, just on the backside of a hill. Placed a featherflex hen in front of us at about 8 steps. Did some light calling and pulled a flydown. Watched 2 toms flydown and B-line our direction. Called a few more times and got ready. Within a few minutes, 2 red heads crested the hill not 20 yards in front of us. Adam and I had flipped a coin and he had first shot. The first bird had at least 6" spurs that were so sharp, he poked himself in the ass when he flew, and a beard so long and thick, ZZ top would be jealous. I waited for the BANG....Waiting....Waiting....Waiting.... the birds decided the featherflex was not real from a distance of 9 inches, and quickly went down the back side of the ridge.

Adam! What the hell? WHY DIDN'T YOU SHOOT??????

"I...I....I.....I just choked man!"

Wow, you suck. Period.

And that is how our first turkey season ended, with an epic CHOKE from our one and only flockshot.:evil:
What a rookie! :lol:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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