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DR fishing question

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I completely forgot about what I saw last week on the river. I was jigging the belle isle bridge area and there was a 14 foot aluminum boat with 4 people in it. Two with there arms hanging over the port side and two hanging over the starboard side. It looked like they each had line wrap around there hands, no poles, and they were jigging up and down. I don't remember if they were anchored or just drifting. What kind of fishing was this? I assume some form of chugging.
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Chugging is a very productive way to fish, and very inexpensive. But very primative in my book. Dont see it much down there, but up on the channels of the St.Clair river, people do it all the time.

Leakypipe56 said:
Don't knock it, try it..............make sure you use rubber bands to keep your bait on. :lol:

Oh, on the contrary.....You would think that its the same as jigging, but Ive jigged next to Chuggers and they would Kill me Fish to Fish. Switch to chugging and bam, fish on.....Dont really get it, other then its a bigger piece of led banging the bottom and making more vibration, thus enactiing a Strike. Your arm sure gets sore going up and down with that weight on the end of a string. My Relitives have been doing that for 50+ years on Harsens Island......

The Rubber band trick is an eccential way to keep your bait on the hook.....Try Mister Twisters in lieu of bait, that works great aswell.......

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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