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"Done for '03"

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Pulled the last of our **** sets today(12/11).Total for 11/10-to-12/11; 54racoon,40opossum,3mink,4muskrat,1skunk. No coyote or fox,this year.Not to bad for one month.We didn't actually try for any rats ,but got a few in water sets.The mink were also a bonus.
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I,was just helping a 76 year old neighbor.He has the license.I,had not trapped since 1970,but was surprized that alot of my sets produced.His ex-wife #2,is coming from Florida,today and he thinks he has better things to do until after the holidays.Next year,I,might get a license,and do more.This year was just for grins.It's funny how some things are in your blood.I,was 16 the last time,now I'll,be 50 soon.I,turned him on to some of my old lines,that held some really large ****.I,don't think they had been trapped since I quit. It was almost as much fun as fishing,but took away from my fishing time.Maybe next year.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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