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dogs in traps

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what is the law regarding a dog caught in a trap on my property? thanks for any help!
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All the dogs I have caught have been released at trap site. Trappers wouldn't have a dog problem if people followed the leash law. The only dog that may get caught is a **** hound and then the hunter is there with the dog and they release the dog.

Dave Lyons
Hopefully any dog cought in trap will have an id tag on the collar with name and phone number.
what is the best method to release a dog without getting my arm chewed off. thanks!

There are 3 methods I have used in the past to release non target catches. The easiest for me is a catch pole. Slip the loop around the animals neck and tighten. Hold animal down, release trap, and then release the loop. Catch poles can be purchased for around $15 to well over $100. All depends on what you want. I paid around $15 for mine.

The second method is to use a half sheet of plywood with a notch cut in the bottom large enough to accomidate the animals leg. Place the plywood over the leg of the animal, step on the springs of the trap and release the animal. This method is good if you have the room to carry it in the truck. When releasing the animal you have a shield between you and it.

The third method is to use a pitch fork. Get the animals leg between the tines and extend it as far up the leg as you can. When the animal is at the end of the chain and his leg is extended push the tines of the fork into the ground. This will hold the animal in place while you remove the trap.

With all these methods you should be using your feet to depress the springs of the trap.

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i've released a half dozen dogs, without any tools and most follow me around for a while because they are so happy that you
helped them. use the same rules as you would approach any dog, let it smell the back of your hand, don't act nervous,
don't move fast, pet it before you try to let it go.
i released a huge st. bernard caught in a coyote set and he followed me around for the rest of my trap line.
another mut followed me all the way home, and i spent a day and a half trying to figure out who's it was.
obviously if it is growling and snapping at you, this won't work.
but it may not be necesarry to use all the other stuff.
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I know I wont try that "Mr nice guy" approach again. The last one I released (a beagle) turned furocious when I released the trap and bit my hand. From now on anyone in the trap gets the pole treatment. :D
Um, why bother (cat)?
We were trapping a farm and the farmer asked that we release any collared cats and we caught 7 this year and they weren't happy to be touched.:D
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