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Dog or Bird?

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This has probably been brought up before, but due to a few posts I've read lately I have to ask. What is your greatest enjoyment when you go out bird hunting, is it bagging those birds or watching the dog you've been working with all year perform the way he is suppose to?
My self I take alot more joy in just seeing my dogs perform.
If I get birds that is just icing on the cake.
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I want to see the dogs progress. I love watching the dogs but the birds help keep me energized about following the dogs around all day. I really only shoot birds that the dogs work according to a set expectation. For Tecumseh it is everything to the flush. He has to establish point and stay there until I get up in front and flush the bird or it flies unscathed. For Piqua I am more leniant because she is younger and a lot less experienced. If she establishes point and the bird flushes on its own I will shoot to reward the point even if she pointed too close and the bird flushed without my help. Later in the season I hope that she will gain enough proficiency to shoot only birds that she stands right and that I flush.

Right now, I have gotten enough of those opportunities from both dogs so life is good. When the new pup arrives in a few weeks I look forward to starting him out right as well. Not too many things better than starting a pup out on the prairie.
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