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Does anyone.............

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Does anyone even hunt with a muzzleloader anymore down below?

Seems like everyone jumped into the straight wall cartridge thing and their muzzleloaders became safe queens. To me, that's sad.
Now I'm certainly not one of the die hard traditionalists and demand muzzleloader season is a primitive season only but, its just my personal opinion that they should have never opened up CF during muzzleloader season. There are ways to control the doe populations besides using CF's.
Just an opinion from a long time muzzleloader. Not banging on anyone who hunts with a 450 Bushmaster or the like. I just like seeing more hunters involved with muzzlelaoders.

After not hunting at all last year. First season I didn't buy a license in 56yrs, and with all the medical issues that both the wife and I have had, I was finally in good enough shape to get into and out of the blind. So earlier this month I ran down to the store and bought a single tag. It paid off.

After a solid week of hunting, seeing a few does and spikes, I finally had a better buck come through.
It made for a great day for both the wife and I. Boosted spirits.

I was able to field dress it myself and pulled it out with the Ranger. I went inside and filled out my harvest report for the DNR, then it was off to the processor.

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Congratulations Encore glad you got out was shocked when you posted u never hunted the tree last year...

I'm in zone 2 I hunted five years of gun season with my Optima Elite.... Had more confidence than any other gun, I don't shoot long and I like big holes...

Muzzy season used to be my favorite unt they catered all the sissies and shortened the break... Let deer get back to somewhat normal,normally had snow keep the sissies outta the woods...

Heck 15 years ago I loved late bow for the same reasons before they declared war on deer...
My first inline was a Apollo or CVa fire????? Which was very similar.... I'll have to look it's all in parts.... The plastic but broke I believe I got the part went to put back together and bought a new muzzleloader I think thats when I got the 700ml lol.

Sal and I both killed some deer with that gun and your right it was deadly accurate out to 100....

Sal and I had a piece had the best thermal cover for miles....It was nothing see 50 deer a day.... There was a buck I had at 35 during bow season legitn140s deer and I didn't shoot because he was five yards over the line.... FF to muzzy, one of those bright sunny days they move midmorning to midday.... He crossed pass sal at 150.... She passed the shot.... Sal was a great shot her 243 he'd a took a hit to the neck....She had that gun.... She coulda stretched it but I was proud of her... I told her keep everything inside a 100.... Most guys woulda let it rip

I use my muzzleloader if I don't harvest a deer during bow or regular gun season. Then I haul out my trusty stainless CVA Apollo. Been a great gun and accurate to 100 yards.
That brings back memories DG, but that was about 40 years ago. The Bow hunting in between the holidays in knee deep snow chasing the illusive neighborhood big Buck. The talk of the local watering hole was what mile he was at, just look for were my vehicle was parked.
Yeah put on every bit of clothing you can.... Tree stands creaked like crazy and the sound traveled the entire section.... Man I was a monkey back than stands 35-40 feet... I had stands that were definete no gos because of clothing and ice...

I'd always save a doe tag for Jan 1.... I'd be hungover as **** but three four years running filled that tag on the first...
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Walmart by us had some gone quick
We moved to southern MI back in 1986 from NW Indiana. Bought a MK-85 in 86' one hell of a gun, awsome, killed a deer or two every year with it. Up graded to a T/C Omega about 6-7 years ago and still use it today. Only have 6 more preloaded BH209 powder and will need to put Omega away till I can find some BH209, hope it comes on the market again. Any help in locating is deeply appreciated.
That shockey powder was a spin off of a oulsr propellant forget who.

One bullet I never tried was the shockey endorsed partition... Think their obsolete too
Have a TC Scout, most accurate gun I own in my hands. Have not shot it in a few years (tagged out during bow seasons!), have not found replacement powder for Shocky's Gold and there is no incentive since what was MZ season in zone 3 is now just an extra week of General FA season.....SMH! I'd just assume bowhunt the entire month of December now.
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