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Does anyone.............

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Does anyone even hunt with a muzzleloader anymore down below?

Seems like everyone jumped into the straight wall cartridge thing and their muzzleloaders became safe queens. To me, that's sad.
Now I'm certainly not one of the die hard traditionalists and demand muzzleloader season is a primitive season only but, its just my personal opinion that they should have never opened up CF during muzzleloader season. There are ways to control the doe populations besides using CF's.
Just an opinion from a long time muzzleloader. Not banging on anyone who hunts with a 450 Bushmaster or the like. I just like seeing more hunters involved with muzzlelaoders.

After not hunting at all last year. First season I didn't buy a license in 56yrs, and with all the medical issues that both the wife and I have had, I was finally in good enough shape to get into and out of the blind. So earlier this month I ran down to the store and bought a single tag. It paid off.

After a solid week of hunting, seeing a few does and spikes, I finally had a better buck come through.
It made for a great day for both the wife and I. Boosted spirits.

I was able to field dress it myself and pulled it out with the Ranger. I went inside and filled out my harvest report for the DNR, then it was off to the processor.

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Mine is ready to go. I use mine out of state more than here.
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