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Do Deer Eat Hay???

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Was wondering if they eat hay because its not very expensive and i will put some out for them because i doubt they have alot to eat this time of year.
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For the last 30 years, a friend of mine has been putting out second cut hay for deer, and except for this year, they have been devouring it without hesitation. He starts to put it out as soon as the snow is on the ground, and as the snow gets deeper, the more they prefer to eat it.
This year we are doing the same thing, but it seem that because there is very little snow, and travelling around isn't a problem, they prefer to eat the wild vegetation and mast. To my surprise, they are still pawing through the snow to get at the rye grass and winter wheat that I planted in a few food plots last fall. I thought that it would be all gone by now.
My neighbour is cutting cedar trees to make fence posts. Last week there were nine deer standing around waiting for her to shut off the chain saw and leave so they could eat the tops and limbs.
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