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DIY planer boards

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Anyone have plans they like for DIY planer boards? I have a pair of the folding yellow ones right now, but woodworking is one of my other hobbies and I wouldn't mind a project.
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search this forum. Gone Fishing posted some plans last year.
I couldn't find them, although I found the drawings in his gallery. I was hoping to find out what materials he used and how thick the wood was. BTW, I'm assuming those are doubles. Has anyone ever used triples? I've seen them before and thought they looked intereseting.
I made up a pair of boards using Gone Fishings plans last year. I believe he used mahogany, but I used 5/4 douglas fir dressed to just over 4/4, They have performed flawlessly, even without all the inlay ;) I painted them "no excuses if you run them over yellow". They pull better than any commercial board I have ever seen, dropping back only about 15' with 45' of line out while trolling 6oz hard pulling muskie baits. I never had one flip, even in that ugly LSC 5' weekend chop.
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I've made two different sets, both with 3/4" wood. One was with redwood the other with pine. The pine ones are heavier, and sit lower in the water. I use the pine ones when the waves are higher. Painted both sets, orange. Can't find the plans right now.

I have plans for planer boards that I could fax to you. I have made them out of pine and cedar with the cedar boards running much better. I use them mostly on Lake Erie for walleyes and can run them a 100' from the boat. I like to run 3 lines out on each side and have run 4 if not too rough and the fish aren't biting too fast. PM or email me a fax number and I can get them to you right away.

Mahogany? Sheesh... That's some pricey wood.

Why not just go with Zebrawood or Teak?
Look at these, some of Gone Fishings handiwork. Bet there are a lot of exotics in the inlays. If I had a set of those beauties I wouldn't have the heart to throw them in the water. (Hint, hint;) )


Originally posted by Beave
Mahogany? Sheesh... That's some pricey wood.

Why not just go with Zebrawood or Teak?
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