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Devils Lake North Dakota... 2023 !

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Just returned from another trip with my friend Dave Randash @Devils Eyez Guide Service on Devils Lake, North Dakota. This guy is a legend and an all around great guy. We fished our first evening starting at 3pm and caught 38 walleye by 5pm. We fished another three days and ended the trip catching (and releasing) a total of 102 walleye, over 150 perch and a pike. We were on fish every day. The weather was nice this year (January 18), +20s and +30s, compared to last year in February (-27 actual temp).

If you are looking for a great time, I highly recommend finding Dave. He will not disappoint!


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Down and around through Illinois is 18 hours from my door with gas stops, pulling a 28' trailer. I am in Washtenaw County. You have to time the Chicago area right or it is a drag !!
How long is the drive, got back from lake of the woods last Saturday. Looking for some thing different than lotw. Nice fish.
There are always quite a bit of people out there but the area is so big, you aren’t ever on top of each other. The other thing this year was there was about 2’ of snow on the ice so tracks were a must. I think this thinned out the herd. Woodland resort plows roads on Creel Bay so that is where most of the people were fishing that didn’t have tracked machines.
Looks like a blast! We’re there many fisherman ?
We didn’t get any huge walleye this year. We just caught a ton of walleye ! The schools of perch were tricky. Move, drill hole catch a couple pigs and then they’d shut down. Have to move and repeat process. I don’t know why they do that but we kept at em and it produced. There are big walleye out there though. We’ve caught some bigger ones on previous trips. But the numbers on this years trip were just impressive !

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We were just looking at some of the outfitters out there today, Huge perch and walleye.
Yes for sure. Dave will do a follow out trip. That’s what we did.
Is DIY possible? Anybody do ride along trips?

Was just looking and its only 8 hrs from ironwood and I would have the sleds already with me. Be over halfway there and its been on the bucket list for 25 yrs.
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