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Detroit river walleys 10+ pounder in the snow

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With three of us fishing we got 40 in three days. The largest were a 6 pounder, an 8 pounder and a 10.5 pounder. My dad got the 6 and 8 and I got the 10.5. It was snowing and 25-30 degrees with a 20-30 MPH wind. Saturday was the day the 8 and 10.5 were netted. It was nasty out but, Wednesday evening we got 1, Thursday we got 15, Friday we got 14 and Saturday we got 10.

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That is a dandy fish, but I know you already have one mounted and arent mounting that one, she would have layed a ton of eggs. One less to go into the fryer isnt a big deal with the number of fish you guys catch. I would have let her grow to either spawn or make someone else happy with a trophy of a lifetime.
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