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Design changes..

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If you were to change your rifle/shotgun or pistol design what would you change? I have been thinking of replacing the safety design on my 700 Remington to a three position safety by Gentry custom gunsmithing. Real sweet.
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I would look into modifing my 10/22 ruger. Change the barrel, stock and trigger.
Definitely the Gentry safety for my 700. Nice but salty!
Would (will) replace the factory trigger on my Ruger 77/22 Mag.
Would Have the cantilever slug barrel for my 870 Magna-ported, or some other type of porting done...same with the Turkey barrel.
I'd like a nice smooth trigger that breaks clean right around 3lbs for my Winchester 94 30-30. Unfortunately, bad triggers and Win lever guns seem to go hand in hand.

Being a lefty, my 1911 needs a Wilson Combat Ambi Safety. It'll get one in '04.

I'd also like to put a left handed safety in my Marlin model 60 and Rem 870. I understand they they're available for the 870 but not the Marlin. I think I'll end up sticking with the right handed safety for consistency reasons.

Then theres the money pit. I have a Mossberg 395 Bolt action Shotgun collecting dust. It's slated to be turned into a smooth bore slug gun. Plans for that include:
Real Tree Camo laminating/overlay with a semi-gloss clear coat on the stock
Smooth up the action and trigger
Lop off the C-lect choke and have the barrel cut to 22" and crowned (possibly ported)
Drill and tap for scope mounts and add a Simmons Pro Diamond 2X
Limb-Saver recoil pad
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Putting a new Rifle Basix trigger on a Savage 22-250 tomorrow. Considering a new trigger for my 17 Rem.
-CZ to come out w/a 10mm handgun based off the 97 design.
-S&W to make a DOA, bobbed hammer, 3inch snubbie in either .44Sp or .45LC.
One design change I would make across the board for all firearms with a cross bolt safety in the trigger guard(Remington 870 and Ruger 10/22 etc.)is to put the button in the front of the trigger guard like the Winchester 1300 shotguns instead of the back. I find the safeties in the back very awkward, especially for a shotgun.
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I think I would put a trigger job on my Ruger 77/22 mag. the pull is kinda hard for bench shooting. Love to shoot it even the way it is, just take my time and pull as easy as I can..
Happy shooting
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