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.. made the Wall. Sadly.

I do a 25 mile bicycle ride Saturday mornings on Hines Drive that takes me past Haggerty where they have a Wayne County Fallen Hero memorial wall going back to 1867. I stop there on the outbound leg of my ride, look at the names, say a short prayer, and continue with my ride. I can tell you about Barney Fox killed in 1933, Erwin W. Schnick died in 1954, Thomas E. Andrews killed in 1976, and Jennifer T. Fettig and her partner Mathew Bowens killed in 2004.

Last Saturday I noticed that they had added names for 2018. Deputy Sgt. Lee Smith was on that list, for which I am kind of surprised. Lee Smith, 55, had spent 26 with the Wayne County Sheriff's department, and recently filed paperwork for his retirement. He was killed by a hit and run driver August 14, 2018 while jogging on Hines Drive.

I am glad to see him honored. He spent 26 years putting his own butt on the line protecting people that I love. But I was under the impression that The Wall was for those who were killed in the line of duty. Evidently I'm mistaken.

I am glad to see him honored. But it is very sad that he is there at all.
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