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I ran across this article in Outdoor News( Minnesota), 8-12-05 by Joe Albert. I thought I would just post some things from the article.

1. Deer study was started in1990 to see how deer use conifers in bad winters. About 80 deer were collared each year in the last years of the study. Chippewa National Forest area.
2. In1993, wolves were added to the study. 50 wolves from seven to nine packs have been collared. Each pack's territory is between 24 and 72 square miles.
3.Between 4 and 14.5 per cent of the deer are killed annually by wolves. However in the bad winter of 95-96, 21 per cent were killed by wolves.
4. Wolves would kill but not eat all of the deer. When very hungry, they clean up everything.
5. 450 female deer have been in the study. The average doe killed by the wolves was 8 years old. The average age of the does killed by hunters in this area is 5-6 years.
6.Researchers say many of these deer would have died from malnutrition anyway.
7.The primary source of mortality to newborn fawns seems to be bears and bobcats.

I hope I have paraphrased everything accurately. I thought this might of interest to everyone.
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