brand new
6 fully flocked mallards FA Final Approach - $90 (sold on mack's @$120 + 6% tax and possibly shipping)
4 field full body geese FA Final Approach - $135 (sold on mack's @$180 + 6% tax and possibly shipping)
might have

7 or 8 mallards @$2.50 ea
8-10 bluebills @$5 ea
12 mallards flat bottom, can be used for water or field $60

other hunting items for sale Brand New in Box
size 11 green Froggtogg Amphib 3.5 mm/200g neoprene waders $135 (website $189 + 6% tax and possibly shipping)
size 10R cabela's northern flight neoprene waders 5mm/800g $170 (current version sold at cabelas $229)
tanglefree wader bag $35 (website $49.99 + 6% tax and possibly shipping)
cabelas mossy oak camo jacket size L - $140

other used items
decoy weights - 3 types $10/dozen
rhino brand delta decoy sled - $150 (website $259 but out of stock)

located on Harsen's Island, but I travel thru Detroit, tri cities and NW mich
will be going to pt mouillee festival Saturday Sunday 17-18
discount for multiple items Fish Font Gas Fin Aircraft
Motor vehicle Font Gas Automotive exterior Signage
Plant Botany Groundcover Terrestrial plant Grass
Terrestrial plant Plant Grass Groundcover Petal
Military camouflage Sleeve Collar Wood Military uniform
Plant Grass Gas Rectangle Bumper
Wood Plant Font Tree Hardwood
Textile Wood Font Packaging and labeling Shipping box
Wood Insect Automotive lighting Beetle Personal protective equipment
Plant Organism Wood Twig Grass