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Daysail report 1/8/18 wife’s best

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Today my wife and I went out after dropping my daughter off at school. We got on the ice at 10 and off at 2 pm. Drilled 3 holes out to the west of the launch of day sail out about 250 to 300 yards. Saw fish in every hole. She caught all the keepers. Jigging rap perch color with red Jensen egg worked the best. I saw multiple walleye just couldn’t get them to bite.
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i had to post her best ice day. Plus I lost a few raps to that pesky pike.

I did good Saturday as well in the same area kept 20 go deep and away from crowds has been my luck.

She was so proud because her grandpa has been asking for some perch and she can deliver them now.

Good day
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Today at work I took last nights catch to give to a friend.His dad was a fishing machine on st.Clair but had passed ten years or so from the cancer.He would take his dad to places when he was weak to watch the guys ice fish one in particular the GPYC.Frank was a workhorse machine.RIP.So he called his mom and she was very excited to have a fresh fish dinner tonight!Making someone happy is the greatest reward in life.And all it takes is some fish that made my day yesterday! Good stuff supersport!
You are a good man...Well Played Sir!
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