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Crystal Lake - Benzie County

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I've never ice fished before but I do make it up to Crystal Lake a couple of times in the winter. Most years it doesn't fully freeze but this winter getting off to a colllllllllldddd start, I'm thinking about trying to catch a few lakers through the ice if Crystal does freeze.

Does anyone know if Crystal Lake is close to freezing yet?

Appreciate the help.
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There are guys fishing on it now. I didn't see anyone out in the middle off of the west end over the deep water. But there were some guys out a hundred yards from shore. It will be a week or so more until I'm going to take a chance on it.
I drove around the area yesterday and all of the lakes around Traverse City are now ice covered with fisherman on them
Tuesday there was 3-4" of ice on Long Lake. As of yesterday a fella said there was 8-10" on it.
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