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Well, the weather was like I expected today. It was warm out so I decided to go out for a little fishin. Yesterday, I seen a hot n tot in the tree so before I left I made sure to grab my ball saver for golf when you knock your ball into the water. Right when I got there, I seen a mink swimming up shore and I knew it would be a good day fishing. Right when I got there I grabbed that hot n tot and started hot shotting. Whithin a half hour I musta pissed off a steelhead and my rod doubled over. I set the hook and started fighting the fish. It jumped right away on the other side of the river and then came back and ran into the other side of the river into the bank. I thought I lost it but it soon took off to the other side and jumped again but this time it was succesful in throwing the hook and my reel also locked up. Oh well... I kept on doing this the rest of the night but was unsucessful. I took some more flies out of trees and another lure and then it started raining so I headed home. I hope to get out real soon again. Loving not have to deal with work though, lol but that won't last long.
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