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coyotes in grand rapids area

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is there any good spots to hunt around or just outside of grand rapids.
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FSUhunter there are some good places around gr.like aftershock said rogue river game area look's good.cannonsburg state game area i heard of yote's and fox in that area.there are some farm's just south of gr out by 76th st.just north of gr sparta/grant if you want to go that way.there are a ton of place's with in 20min of gr in any dir.so when you are down this way take a little trip.you will put some mile's on your ride but it will pay off.offer a farmer a hand with some work in the winter and i bet he will be more than happy to let you hunt his/her land.good hunt'in and good scout'in
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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