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coyotes in grand rapids area

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is there any good spots to hunt around or just outside of grand rapids.
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There are many places the best of which you would need to ask permission. small woodlots adjacent to open feilds with brushy fence rows and south facing slopes that have thickets and fence rows to and from are good as well.
if you were to drive around the farmlands on say a saturday just after 11:30 am when most farmers are finishing their lunch and you stop and ask if you may hunt their land and you are courtious and polite you will score a place to hunt eventually.
my dad and I have many private lands to hunt because we have asked many different land owners . some say yes some say no.
I have offered venison to a landowner for giving me permission and my dad has bought gift certificates to the outback resteraunt for the farmer and his family. just take the first step and stop and ask. but yes there are many places 10 to 20 miles outside of grand rapids some state game areas too such as the rogue river state game area in kent county.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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