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Coyotes in 452

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I spend some time hunting in or around 452.

After all of the news I have heard about the decline of the number of deer in 452, I was wondering what the coyotes population will do in the near future. Will it drop? Will it increase? Will they go looking for food? How does the gutpile gourging affect their population?

Just wondered.
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After all of the coyote posts recently, I thought this should come back to the top.

Quite a few people here have/do hunt deer in 452. Some hunt coyotes.

With the deer herd being reduced as much as it has the last three years. I will be curious to see where the coyotes go for food.

Everybody knows that there are lots of cattle farms in the area (part of the TB argument). But, I also know that there are some sheep farms in the area also.

I am curious to know what/if there have been increases/decreases in coyote/human interaction to date or is it a TBD or are coyotes and the damage they do/can do not an issue in Michigan?
I don't hunt coyotes, and am not an expert in there eating habbits.
I am sure that they will find a source of food for survival. It may be field mice,or someones back yard trash cans.
However I sure have noticed a decline in the Turkey population in that area.
I hunt just outside of Fairview. I am used to seeing groups of 10 or so buirds together at a time. This year I didn't see a one.
well not being an expert either but coyotes are oppertunists they take what mother nature gives em probaly better then any other wild mammal hence thier sucsess in population and habitat expansion.around me deer play a small role in a yotes diet yes they will miss the gut bag feast but seems like there is more of that for them lately.yes they will hunt and kill the newborn,weak and sick of a deer heard but a yotes main stay around me is mice.they also exploit rabbit and pheasent during harvest when the habitat is lessoned considerably but they just are doing what mother nature would have given time.almost every yote that i have had the oppertunity to observe for a period of time was mouseing for it's supper. the ones that pick on sheep or chicken farmers are usually the old or the ill when they aren't they are a youth who was taught easy pickens by a old or ill yote.again im no expert these are the theories i have come to after reading and then observeing
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