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Ever call late season to a roosted bird only to have him fly down and walk the other way ?

This works great, but requires 2 guys.
Get there EARLY. 0dark:30 is best.
Have one guy set up 60 -80 yards out of sight and the guy gunning for the bird on the opposite side of the roost, again, 50-80 yards so the Tom is between you.

The first guy starts with a couple of tree yelps to get the Toms attention, followed by a fly down cackle and a few more yelps, cuts and clucks. The Tom says, Ha ! Hunter ! Or, this time of year, the hens, which roost in different trees, but close by, will fly down and take the Longbeard the opposite direction. They don't like competition either. Keep yelping, lay it to it. The idea here is for the birds to go the other way.
They fly down , walk the opposite direction, and right into the other guy. Lights out.


Have the first guy who is also the shooter in this deal 50 yards from the roost with his partner behind him and off to one side another 40 or 50 yards.
The object here is for the first guy to start calling with tree yelps right at the crack of dawn, now your flydown cackle,
cluck a few times then STOP.

Wait 2 or 3 minutes and your partner picks up where you left off with a couple of soft yelps and a cut or 2 for good measure. Call softly. This will give the impression that the hen is walking away. Then, actually start calling and walking away. The Tom will think he's being left behind and if all works right, he'll run right into the first hunter while looking for caller # 2.
Good Night.

Sometimes when I'm doing this and I'm the decoy caller, I'll use a mouth call to yelp and then cut myself off with a Primos Gobbler Shaker, imitating a Jake. This will get that old Boss riled up plenty.

If your by yourself, rest your gun up against a tree, do all of the above, and slowly walk away yelping softly for 30 yards or so. Stop and get back to your gun and stay quite.
Again, your giving the impression of walking away.
This will only work as long as he can't see you.

As always, keep a heads up for other hunters stalking you while your using that gobbler call.
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