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My buddy and I are going to South Dakota on a snow goose hunting trip and we have room for one more guy. I'm going for sure and my buddy is going pending the news on a new job. Regardless, I'll have room for another guy.

We're leaving the evening of 2-28, driving straight through (12-13 hours) and coming back on 3-4. We may leave on the evening of 2-27, if I decide to take a sick day on Thursday.

Basically, you'll need clothes to hunt in, sleep in, and possibly wear to go to town once or twice. You'll need your gun, ammo, and a good attitude!

There is a cost, and I can discuss that with any interested parties. Lodging and meals are included, we expect to split the cost of gas evenly as well. Details available upon request.

This is a first time trip for me, so I'm not even sure what to expect, but I've heard that SD that time of year is one of the best times to go out for Snow Geese.

If interested, PM me.
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