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Cornfield Cruisers

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From one of the card checks today.
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As usual for you.Great pictures and bucks
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I have been fortunate when it comes to trailcamera pictures this year.
For me it’s all about the animals and the cameras, with a good amount of luck thrown in.
As usual for you.Great pictures and bucks
Sweet pics and nice inventory of the local gang . I had a ton of action on a cam at the back of a cornfield last year at this time - mid August. Doesn't seem like the most likely summer hangout but they are there , I wonder if they bed in it more than ya think it's got shade , cool dirt to lay on and maybe less buggy?
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Thank you.
I suspect you are correct. I have observed many more deer leaving a cornfield in the evening than entering one by far.
I know I could easily take a nap in a cornfield as long as it wasn't harvest time. :sleep:
some interesting characters you have there! Nice pics
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The camera that tooks these shots is now listed in the classifieds if anyone might be interested. I have way more than I need right now.
SOLD Browning BTC-8A Trailcamera | Michigan Sportsman Forum (michigan-sportsman.com)
Is that "moose" in the 1st pic? Nice set Don
Thanks. Yep, that is Lil Moose. :cool:


I had one around many years ago that I called mini moose but I think yours is even "moosier" lol
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