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Corn and Bean Planters

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I was wondering how many guys are using planters for beans and corn? Last year I picked up a 4 row International corn and bean planter for $250. It was a great investment. The planter is old but very solid, and in good shape. These planters will plant:
corn, beans, peas, sunflowers, melons, sugar beets, and any other large seeds. They sell different plates for each seed. These planters work so well, that I am surprised more guys are not using them. I suspect because most of the affordable planters are old, and hard to find. Does anyone know of any 2 or 4 row planters that you can buy new?

I seen a 1 row planter on Ebay, that was real sweet. This farmer from Kentucky makes a 1 and 2 row planter from older 4 row JD planters. They are completely rebuilt, and painted JD colors. I e-mailled him, he seems like a real straight shooter. Even a one row could plant a lot of seed with ease. A Quad would easily pull my planter.
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i believe someone else on this site had a 1 row planter made for his quad here in mi. i dont remember who it was though.
Still looking for a 2-4 row planter. If I don't find one I'm going to try Ed's "sure fire" RR corn broadcast planting advice. :)
I have been looking for one for years.
bought one off a farmer that had one behind his barn but needed to much work. now is part of my flower garden.
Still looking though. I think I'll talk to the farmer down the street to plat for me. Would probably be cheaper.
Swamp Ghost, I use Ed's technique of broadcasting RR corn and beans. A word of caution. Make sure not to disc too deep or the seeds may not germinate. I'm going to set my disc at 2-3 inches deep this year, then cultipack.
What are you guys going to pull these planters with? Tractors, ATV's.
I bought one off of Ebay last year for $56 and had all new plates and seed hoppers. The best part it was in Mt. Pleasant. I have gone to alot of farm auctions and seen alot of them go for about $100. So hit those auctions.
I know were there is a mint 16 row John Deere with the self drive units. Its even been inside for years. Problem is I dont only need a couple of those units and dont want to spring for the cost of the whole planter.
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