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Hey guys. I've been reading a lot about corkies here lately. What exactly are they? Do they work better than these little jigs?

Just wondering.
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I believe they can also be used as lures. Wobble glow's is what I believed there called. You cast them out as far as you can and let them bounce bottom until there close to the side your fishing on. I have never used them but here they can be effective. I've seen them where you put the line through the hole, along with some beeds and then a real small treble hook. Ont he hook you put the spawn. I use them like zob zob does, though so I am no expert on these things. .
Let us know how you do and how you rig em up. I possibly might give them a try up here. I know of a nice spot they might work;)
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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