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Hey guys. I've been reading a lot about corkies here lately. What exactly are they? Do they work better than these little jigs?

Just wondering.
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I use them quite a bit, but mostly in stained water. They were a staple of mine on all rivers, but with today's clarity, I stopped using them on some rivers.

Pearl, pearl clown, chartreuse clown, firetiger, pearl blush, orange, gold and silver are some of my favorites.

I'm down to using the smaller ones (12's and 14's)

Here's one from yesterday that fell to a 12 chartreuse clown fished with skein.

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That was his first ever.

Yeah, you missed a good one. By now, I'm sure it's in all the papers... LOL :eek:
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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