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Hey guys. I've been reading a lot about corkies here lately. What exactly are they? Do they work better than these little jigs?

Just wondering.
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They are a float device. It is about the size of pea and it going on your line (usually when you are floating spawn). I like to use them on the piers so the spawn stays above the ground.

The full name of what you are inquiring about is Lil' Corky. Most bait/tackle stores have them. They cost about $0.20.

Dan's right... wobble glos are similar. That being said, the primary difference is that the hole is bigger which is why you have to add the bead. Also, wobble glos are not spherical like a corky so they spin *or wobble* in the current. Wobble glos are a lure and a corky is a float.

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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